Wedding Flowers


images-3Ever wondered why so many brides choose Peony flowers for their wedding bouquet and reception flowers. The peony images has always symbolised good fortune and a happy marriage and has been used as the wedding flower in the Chinese culture for centuries and has filtered into our western culture with the same meaning.

Peony flowers are a beautiful choice for a spring wedding. Creamy whites and the palest of pinks combine to create the most delicate bouquet with a subtle scent and the height of sophistication. Deeper pinks with stronger scent can be used as a statement flower oozing confident style. A combination of all the colours conjures a soft, pretty feel which expresses romance and perfect in our rural setting.


white-peony-bouquet-LTake a look at our flower page to view all our flower types and get a feel for what you would like for your own wedding.

We can supply the flowers directly to you from the farm, ask for a quote from our farm florist to do your flowers for your wedding or you can use your own florist.

The creative possibilities are endless but one thing is for sure, you will have chosen the most auspicious flower for your most important day.