Farmers’ Markets

Farmers’ Markets Victoria

Due to Covid 19, we may not be at the Melbourne Farmers Markets this year as we are not essential.

We aim to be at:-

Gasworks 20th of November 2021

Abbottsford Convent 27th November 2021

Vege Out 4th of December 2021


We will have flowers for sale at the Farm during the season. Dates to be announced (approx 21st – 29th of November 2021.


There is nothing more satisfying than spending a Saturday morning strolling around a market full of farm fresh produce, talking to the growers, finding out about the products first hand and asking advice about how to store or keep the produce.

Also Farmers’ Markets are increasingly becoming the most successful place for farmers to sell their products directly to the public where both parties benefit. The buyers know they are getting a fresh product and helping the farmer directly and the farmer has more control over the outcome of their products by avoiding the middle man.

We grow our peony flowers to sell as bunches of cut flowers at the Melbourne Farmers’ Markets every Saturday in late November.

Ballarat Market

We use organic and sustainable practices on our farm and although we are not an Organic Certified Farm, we aim to be. We chip the weeds between the plants and we fertilise with organic fertiliser.

We are accredited with the Victorian Farmers Market Association and we are part of the Melbourne Farmers’ Market circuit.

Mac at Gasworks

Mac at Gasworks Farmers’ Market